3. Kuttove platne (IV+/V-) 3h.
3. Kuttove platne - Kutta's slabs (IV+/V-) 3h.
F. Kutta, 0. Rada, 29. 8.1956. Beautiful route in solid rock.
The route is one of the most beautiful slab climbs in Vysoké Tatry. The route is located in the largest slabs of S face of Batizovský štít (peak) in a fall line of Batizovské kopa. The slabs are located across the whole height of the face, enclosed from right by large groove (where is located Gálfyho cesta/route/) and the spur from the left (Bernadzikiewicz and Kenar route - III). The slabs are divided by two overhangs, stretching diagonally upwards to the left, into three sections. There are two bolts on each belay station except belay station no. 3 (old pitons, cam). We recommend you to take 60m ropes. The length between belay stations is 55-60 m. (V. Tatarka 2000)

Pitch 1: The original route beginning is located little to the left from the Gálfyho cesta (route). Climb diagonally to the left up the white polished rock (III, uneasy) until you get beneath the vertical (little) gully/chimney (1st belay station - bolts).
Pitch 1: Today the climbers usually start more to the left at the foot of pillar which is falling away from the right edge of obvious slab with characteristic overhang. There is located Tatarkova cesta (route) no. 2. Climb up the pillar slightly diagonally to the right, continue up the green little dihedrals located in the right section of pillar (III), until you get beneath the flat slab-like step with fine fissures (old pitons). Continue up the green dihedral beneath the step to the right (7m) until you reach first belay station (bolt, 55 m), which is located beneath the vertical gully/chimney in the right part of already mentioned step.
Variant: Climb up the already mentioned step directly up (IV+) until you reach the ledge beneath the little dihedral (belay station, old piton, but you would miss the 1st bolted belay station)
Pitch 2: Climb up the little chimney 2m to the left (V-), then continue up the little dihedral (which is part of the little chimney , IV/ to the left you can see the slab from the route no. 2). Later on the little dihedral turns to the right. In a narrow and smooth section move to the right to the little pillar and climb up the pillar until you reach the flat shelf in the pillar – 2nd belay station; bolts (55m).
Pitch 3:Traverse several meters to the right to slabs and follow the ledges and shelves, to the right and upwards, later directly up the slabs (IV-IV+) until you reach the belay station on the small ledge, located several meters from the overhanging right chimney. (55 m, belay station – pitons, you can place a cam and secure the belay station). This spot is reachable by traverse from the Gálfyho cesta (route).
Pitch 4:Crux. From the belay station climb directly up to the large slab, climb up the slab (little folds) until you reach horizontal crack. Follow the crack to the left (traverse) until you reach the edge of the slab, there you shall see fissures stretching directly upwards. Climb up (old pitons + possibility to place own pro) until you reach right edge of a grassy ledge. 4th belay station, bolts, (58 m).
Pitch 5: From the right edge of grassy ledge climb directly up the slabs (several meters to the right is overhanging chimney), depending on chosen variant (IV-,V-), until you reach the 5th belay station with bolts (55m)
Pitch 6: Climb up several meters and then turn left and follow the grassy ledge across the rocks diagonally to the ridge (II-III), then turn right and follow the ridge (III) until you reach the summit. You can choose the original ascent variant which is: follow the easy ledge to the right, cross the dihedral and several meters to the right is 6th belay station with bolt.
Pitch 7: Climb up the cracked slabs diagonally to the right until you reach W ridge, which is located to the left of Batizovská kopa (“foresummit”). Follow the ridge (several gendarmes) to the right until you reach Batizovská kopa. Continue to the obvious Prostredná Batizovská štrbina (notch). From the notch climb up to the Batizovská ihla (pinnacle) and from this pinnacle climb up the little vertical wall to the narrow saddle. From the saddle follow the steep ridge to the W summit (Malý Batizovský štít).