9. Hokejka (V+,A1 RP:6 ) 5h.
9. Hokejka (Hockey stick) (V+,A1 RP:6 ) 5h.
F.Plšek, V.Zachoval, 22.8.1950
Cerman’s direct variant (V) V.Mašková, K.Cerman 4.8.1951
1.winter: K.Cerman O.Kopal, J.Mašek, B. Nejedlo 21.4.1952
Solo: M. Kapusta, 9. 10. 1981
1.RP: most likely earlier, published: Horváth, Otruba, 6.7.1983, A.Formánek - E.Mlynarovičová, 7. 7. 1983

Enter the rocks in fall line of the face in a obvious dihedral, same as the route no.7. Climb up the dihedral - two pitches. At the dihedral end turn make diagonal traverse to the right across the overhanging wall (4 m) and reach the easier terrain. Climb up directly 20m beneath the overhang, climb up overhang (10 m) and reach the easy ledge. Continue: a) follow the ledge 4 m to the right , then climb 15 m directly up the groove until you get beneath horizontal crack. Your location is 5 m beneath the crack called Kríž (cross). b) from the ledge to the left: climb up the groove until you reach next large ledge, follow the ledge to the right. Your location is beneath the crack. Make a traverse to the right (6 m), cross the protruding rock edge and then follow the edge until you reach obvious and large ledge. Follow the ledge to the right until the end. Move up the dihedral 10 m and when you reach the smooth slab move diagonally left until you reach the niche beneath the crux/overhang of Hokejka. Continue: a) more difficult: climb up diagonally to the left to the dihedral right beneath the overhang (good belay station). Climb up the overhang (3m), then continue 2 m horizontally to the right and then follow the crack up to the right to the boundary of Hokejka and dihedral. Move to the right to edge of Hokejka and follow the descending ledge diagonally right until you reach good belay station. b) Cerman’s variant from the niche: climb directly up the slab and up the groove until you reach the dihedral and right bend of Hokejka. Make traverse in the right wall of the dihedral (follow the crack) and you reach the edge of Hokejka. Climb directly up the wall, upper section contains a crack and above the crack is belay station. Continue directly up (30 m) to the chimney (4m). Above the chimney: climb up 5 m beneath the vertical protruding wall. Climb up the wall 10 m (VI) until you reach less difficult terrain beneath the chimney with two branches. Follow the left chimney (V) until you reach scree at the bottom of funnel beneath the summit. Climb up the right groove of the funnel and after 50 m reach the summit.