1. Bystré sedlo - Predné Solisko (II-III) 7-9 h.
Soliskový hrebeň (ridge): Bystré sedlo (saddle) - Predné Solisko (some places II-III; until Malé Solisko some places II—III, then II, in the end I-CH) 7-9 hours.

Getting there (to Bystré sedlo)
This saddle is accessible from yellow hiking trail located in Mlynická or Furkotská dolina (valleys) (It takes less time to access the saddle from Furkotská dolina, look into the map, 2,15 hour). The most convenient starting point is the Chata pod Soliskom (chalet)

Section from: Bystré sedlo - Bystré hrby - Bystré vežičky - Zadná Solisková štrbina
Foto: Bystré hrby a vežičky
Start from Bystré sedlo and follow the ridge to SE. Right in front of you there are Bystré hrby and behind these there are Bystré vežičky (little towers/spires). The best view or these can be found in Furkotská dolina. The main features of Bystré hrby are: three humps/mounds and two notches – Zadný Bystrý hrb, Zadná Bystrá štrbina, Prostredný Bystrý hrb, Bystrá štrbina, Predný Bystrý hrb. Bystrá lávka (ledge) separates Bystré hrby from Bystré vežičky. The main features of Bystré vežičky are: four humps/mounds and three notches - Veľká Bystrá vežička, Malá Bystrá štrbina, Zadná Bystrá vežička, Prostredná Bystrá vežička, Predná Bystrá štrbina. Bystré vežičky are separated from Soliskové kopy (towers/humps) by Zadná Solisková štrbina. Bystré hrby pose no difficulty if you decide to avoid them. To climb the ridge directly is more difficult. The most difficult tower/spire is the second one (II-III). You can find your way around these towers close to Furkotská dolina floor, as well as above Mlynická dolina, and continue to SE until you reach Zadná Solisková štrbina.

Section from: Zadná Solisková štrbina - Soliskové kopy a zárezy - Veľké Solisko - Solisková lávka
Foto: Bystré hrby - Veľké Solisko
You shall follow the northern ridge from the Zadná Solisková štrbina in direction of Veľké Solisko. You can choose the left side of the ridge or follow the ridge itself; there are several humps/mounds in the ridge. These are called Soliskové kopy. The main features are three humps/mounds and three notches: Zadná Solisková kopa, Zadný Soliskový zárez, Prostredná Solisková kopa, Prostredný Soliskový zárez, Predná Solisková kopa, Predný Soliskový zárez. The remaining section to Veľké Solisko is exposed and steep. From the summit of Veľké Solisko descend directly down the ridge, which is made of slabs reminding schist. Continue down the schist-like slabs to the left of the edge of the ridge and afterwards return from the right side back to the sharp section of the ridge. Follow this down to Solisková lávka (ledge)

Section: Solisková lávka - Prostredné Solisko - Vyšná Solisková štrbina - Soliskové hrby - Prostredná Solisková štrbina
Foto: Predná Solisková kopa - Zadná Solisková veža
Continue from the Solisková lávka further south. You will reach the summit of Prostredné Solisko from the right side. The descent route follows the mild grassy ridge to the south and in the end of ridge there is steeper section leading to Vyšná Solisková štrbina. The ridge becomes very steep and slants down to Soliskové hrby. The main features of Soliskové hrby are four stony humps/mounds located in the horizontal section of the grassy ridge that leans toward Mlynická dolina. These four are: Zadný Soliskový hrb, Prostredný Soliskový hrb, Predný Soliskový hrb and Malý Soliskový hrb. There are little notches between particular humps/mounds, but these are not worth consideration from climbing point of view. You can do a little climbing from the side of Mlynická dolina. You can climb the Zadný Soliskový hrb right up the frontal, 9 meters high, steep wall or up the narrow crack that is located more to the right. You shall pass the next humps/mounds (remind stone horses), following the ridge. It is possible to circumvent these from the left, right above Mlynická dolina. Afterwards, you will reach not particularly large notch located in the ridge: Prostredná Solisková štrbina.

Section: Prostredná Solisková štrbina - Zadná Solisková veža - Nižná Solisková štrbina - Predná Solisková veža - Solisková štrbina
Foto: Soliskové hrby - Furkotské Solisko
From the notch continue south, suddenly traverse several meters to the right, then turn left to the gully and then follow the arete until you reach the summit of Zadná Solisková veža. Descend from the summit down the very steep wall, using the good flakes and slanting slabs, which are crossed by crack, until you reach the grassy platform. From the left side of this platform continue your descent right across the stone blocks, and then traverse across the slabs to the right. Continue to the 3 meters high, stone block and descend down this block to the narrow saddle of Nižná Solisková štrbina. Continue upwards 6 meters to the little notch. You can choose to continue upwards either up the steep and sharp section of the ridge or you can circumvent this steep section from right. Then continue up the short crack on the left to the next stone block. From this place: follow the narrow ledge, traverse to the left and then up the steep slab back to the ridge. You shall circumvent the steep stone pinnacle on the ridge from the right side, along the crack and across the stone feature that reminds a tunnel. Then continue across the crack, and finally follow the horizontal arete to the summit of Predná Solisková veža. From the summit: follow the almost horizontal ridge down the steep stone blocks, it is possible to circumvent these from the right on the grassy slope. Close to the Solisková štrbina there are two pinnacles rising from the ridge. When you reach second to the last saddle before the pinnacles, there are two options. You can (without the rope) traverse obliquely down the slope beneath the ridge above the Furkotská dolina, until you reach Široké sedlo of Solisková štrbina with two separate notches (northern and southern). The second option is: you follow the ridge to the last saddle before the pinnacle. Then you rappel down the chimney (from the saddle) on the side of Mlynická dolina (if you hike from Predné Solisko to Bystré sedlo, you can climb up this chimney), then you traverse beneath the pedestals of these pinnacles on the right side and then back to the ridge. Then follow the ridge down the wide, grassy blocks until you reach the wide saddle of Solisková štrbina with southern and northern notch.

Section: Solisková štrbina - Malé Solisko - Vysoká lávka
Foto: Malé Solisko - Soliskový hrb
From the Solisková štrbina continue to the SE. 50 meters from the ridge turn to the left and continue upwards obliquely to the left to the grassy ledge, which is located on the side of Mlynická dolina. From the ledge: follow the right and shorter chimney (two parallel chimneys leading to the ridge). Then you reach the open depression covered in moss. Climb up the right wall of the depression, then turn left and at this moment you are above the depression. Continue between two large stone blocks to the horizontal ridge leading to the peak. Follow the ridge (sharp section and steep slab) to the summit of Malé Solisko. From the Malé Solisko continue to the SE down the stone ridge until you reach the distinctive saddle of Vysoká lávka (saddle).

Section: Vysoká Lávka - Furkotské Solisko - Šedá lávka - Štrbské Solisko - Nízka Lávka - Mlynické Solisko
Follow the next section of the ridge until you reach the summit of Furkotské Solisko. From the summit follow the mild ridge to the wide saddle of Šedá lávka. Scramble up the grassy ledges on the side of Furkotská dolina to the summit of Štrbské Solisko. From the summit descend down the stone blocks into the small notch in the ridge. From the notch: continue to the left (on the side of Mlynická dolina) and then follow the chamois’ trail (on the right) back to the ridge and to the indistinctive low ledge with two notches (northern and southern). Then scramble up (from the side of Furkotská dolina) the grassy slope to the summit of Mlynické Solisko.

Section: Mlynické Solisko - Zadné Soliskové sedlo - Soliskový hrb - Predné Soliskové sedlo - Predné Solisko
Foto: Štrbské - Predné Solisko
From the summit of Mlynické Solisko descend down the mostly grassy slope to the northern notch of Soliskové sedlo (Zadné Soliskové sedlo). Turn right and continue over the sharp stone block in the rige (easy climbing) to the hump (Soliskový hrb). You can circumvent this hump either from east or west and continue down to the southern saddle (Predné Soliskové sedlo). From this saddle follow the last section of ridge to the two-summit Predné Solisko, which is the last obvious elevation in Soliskový hrebeň (ridge). Finally follow the red hiking trail until you reach the chalet.

Winter: mixed terrain, stone blocks and spires are usually not covered in snow. Serious winter endeavour. It is possible to combine the ridge route with the crossing of valley ends (Furkotská or Mlynická dolina). Information about first ascents are available in AP (Arno Puškáš)-edition-IX/topo -XXXII/ no.4 pg.97-102